wanted ・゜🍑 ・˚ 「 🍑 」male faceclaims ・˚ 「 🍑 」female faceclaims ・˚ 「 🍑 」plots ・˚ 「 🍑 」dynamics musings ... Flippy has a nightmare about his alter ego tormenting him and his friends. As you can imagine, a cute, tiny, cuddly bear learning that he is a cold blooded killer is a hefty recipe for Angst. most of the fandom surrounding him will make comics, fanfiction, fanart and role play about how sad and lonely Flippy is about his alter ego terrorizing him and his friends.
currently looking for new partners over discord! if you love angst/comfort or just drama filled plots, i'm definitely your girl. i love slice of life plots and my fandoms are in navi, but i also use original characters!

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New Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer comes out on Thursday, March 10 during The OC. Yeah...that means I'll have to sit through The OC and it's far-fetched, angst-driven plot where hormonal teens get all "poor me" and take it out on their rich, interesting parents. Gag me. Hey, I'm a total Star Wars geek. I'll wait. It'll be worth it in the long run.
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#rp plot #angst plot #indie rp plot #plot bunny #category: plot post #* meme. #* period friendly. 288 notes. norxhwrites. Follow. Give ME THIS PLOT (Seriously, I want all the damned angst I can get). Written by: norxhwrites. How You Remind Me - [ Muse A ] and [ Muse B ] had been dating off and on for years. Breakups, make ups, harsh words, drug ...
May 31, 2017 · Roleplay starters. 34. Nsfw Plot Starters. Nsfw plot starters. Netflix: muse seems way more interested in the other muse rather than the movie. Gentle caresses and kisses ( or rough, your choice ) turns into something more as they topple over and enjoy each other, completely ignoring whats on the television. Shut up and kiss me: During a fight, one muse roughly kisses the other and it soon leads to some rough loving.

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I'm definitely in for ANY of these ideas. I haven't had much horror experience so I want to broaden my RPing experience in that, however, that being said, I think that the last one is a really interesting premise that might have some interest even if the majority for this rp go with a horror setting, imo.
The Basic Plots Each short plot description starts with the title of the plot pattern. After a hyphen the main characters to be found in the plot are given, separated by commas. Supplication - Persecutor, Suppliant, a Power in Authority

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Take You All The Way | college!au, photographer!kook, IOU's, pining, angst, happy ending (just. stop. talking. /slams the door open /kisses) Jeon Jungcock! | the one where the dildo turns into human, that's jk, tae is so horny, lots of crack, humor, there's angst too, this has a GREAT plot i swear, (please update author-nims)
NIER is a unique “Action-RPG” for PlayStation 3 system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, which represents the next epic story from the renowned RPG masters at ...

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indie-rp-muses. efferxescent:. lowkey want a teacher/student plot - either male student female teacher (edgy™) or female student male teacher, or same sex, whatever - where the teacher’s the one that gets attached instead of the student. the student’s still dating/hooking up with other people bc it’s obviously a problematic relationship so even tho it’s fun it probably won’t last ...
Vampyr is an action role-playing video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive.It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 5 June 2018, and for Nintendo Switch on 29 October 2019.

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Story-driven and choice-based, The Cerebral Symphony is a sci-fi/fantasy/drug trip 2d RPG game with an emphasis on character development and fun, non-random, side-view, Final Fantasy VI style battles, made up of 5 chapters.
Eerie Atmospheric Settings: Plot Starters. Instead of a specific plot to work around, here’s a list of settings that all feature a melancholy, moody, or creepy atmosphere. Simply send me a symbol for a setting you want to RP in, and I’ll either make a starter or approach you to plot! A full moon night with wind whistling through the trees

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I’m currently looking for someone to roleplay with as it is late and I cannot sleep. I’m sure you’ve all been there. I’ve been role-playing for three years. I am into Hollow knight,Ahit,pokemon,portal, and naruto. I have plots for HK and Ahit but I have Ocs for the rest and I can think up of plots if need be.
selfdestined : @selfdestined. @gracebuilt. god does it hurt him. sam has said these words thousands of times, to dean, to hisfather. he listens intently though, wanting jack to be able to express himself and his feelings without fear of reprimand.sam and dean were child soldiers, always taught to never let your emotion get the better of you. being stoic and methodical could only get you so far ...

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ANGST PLOTS modern au - muse a has been working daily, like hours and hours, barely sees muse b nowadays due to being busy. (can be... demigod au - muse a, b, and c go into a quest. muse a and c are basically all hots for each other, a couple, best... reign au - muse a is a queen/king and ready to ...

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alias annie. age 20. timezone gmt+1. go-to/favorite plots anything and everything tbh. i live for fluff and angst!!!. a gif you love
Hello :) as you can see I wasn’t very active last days. I had rough days. Thanks to everyone who wasn’t spamming me every day. ♥️. If we lost our rp duringn these shitty days, just re-send me your last msg and I’ll try to catch up.

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Jul 10, 2015 · This post was originally titled, “Master List of Romantic Conflicts,” but it’s really a romance plot generator in list form with big ideas for entire plots. Of course, to write an engrossing romantic story–whether it’s a straight-up romance, or a subplot in a different kind of book or movie–it has to have strong conflict.
Filler or plot complications: 1: The Falcon crashes. 2: Lando tries a scheme. 3: Comedy relief with Leia's kids/the Droids. 4: Luke gets angst over his parentage/responsibility. 5: Someone goes to where a powerful Jedi died to seek knowledge or guidance, but comes up dry.

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Henderson was once a peaceful town on the outskirts of Sin City, Las Vegas. It was a place people sought refuge from the loud and vibrant city, a place where people worked for a living and kids happily went to school.
Characters: [ MOONCHILD, ] kim namjoon. idol & au rps. Verses: [ YOU ] bisexual. romance, slice of life, angst. love all kinds of plots. Playbys: [ SHINE. ] you add you talk! no minors! admin not new + very chill.

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Oct 05, 2018 · Recent years have seen an unprecedented surge in the popularity of the tabletop role-playing game. Thanks in part to the burgeoning streaming and podcast scene, more and more players are discovering the joys of gathering around a table to create a story, go on an adventure, and deepen friendships with each other along the way through a ton of laughs and shared memories.
Please be aware that plots and prompts posted here are intended to be used for the purpose of fiction writing/rping; most plots/prompts are generated based on requests we receive. In no way do we endorse or encourage anyone to partake in illegal or unethical acts in real life. Please read the rest of our disclaimer here

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In the RP community, it usually refers to scenes or plots that are dark, morbid or generally painful in general. Think characters in physical or emotional pain or trauma, often for purposes of plot or the like! c:
I am starting this Roleplay for ANYONE who would like to join. I looked around for some time trying to find a good zombie roleplay, but the good ones were either already really far in, or really shitty. So if you would like to join, please do! I think I will start as soon as i get at least 1 other person to roleplay with.

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Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. (scratch.mit.edu)

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